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Pete Petersen: Silver Lining

Praise for "Keep Your Hat On" at the iTunes Music Store:

Keep Your Hat On

by LuckyLindy1927 - May 26 2009
"Great Album Pete! 5 Stars!

Great Tunes

by Bluskygrl - May 28, 2009
"A great collection and wonderful sounds. Pete's work is always professional, pleasing, and fun for the casual listener or the afficionado."

A Dancers Dream

by Swing Devil - May 26 2009
"Porkpie is a great band with an awesome sound. Dancers jump at the chance to be on the dance floor when this band is playing. Sweet smooth songs that are as good to listen to as they are to dance to."


by luvs2trvl13 - May 31, 2009
"Took this one on a drive to the beach and how much better could it have been. Great music. Don't miss this one folks."

the best

by Ceste - May 27 2009
"Anything w/Pete Petersen is sure to be a hit! He has incredible skills at arranging big band scores to sound so full. Closing your eyes while hearing his group perform and finally opening them... is so shocking. He has a great way of capturing the essence of the orig tune and then spicing it up w/such life and vivacity. I wish more kids could come hear him play for it surely would turn them on to jazz. Pete & Porkpie is to instrumental jazz as Michael Buble is to vocal jazz."


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