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For Booking please call:


Please Note: If you were referred to this page by an agent, please let us know the name and contact info for the referring agent. We ask this for two reasons: one, so I can thank them personally, and two, so I can make sure they get their commission or booking fee if they are owed one.

Q: Why book through an agent? I am a professional musician, not a professional booking agent. I'm very comfortable entertaining audiences, composing and arranging and orchestrating, and all the other things I do to make the music happen; but like many creative professionals, I acknowledge that there are people out there who are much better at the "business" side of the Music Business. These agents typically charge a 15% to 20% commission to function as a liason between musician and client, working out all of the details and particulars -- and they are usually worth every penny for the work they do to make sure things go smoothly. If you would like to book me through an agent instead of directly, please consider to call one of the following: (and remember they book dozens of artists; so be sure and tell them you'd specifically like to book Pete Petersen for your event.)

Some agents and event planners we are happy to work with:

Portland area booking:

Northwest Artist Management (Nancy Tice) 503-774-2511

Pacific Talent (Andy Gilbert) 503-228-3620

April Severson Events (April Severson) 503-504-9898

Cindy Thompson Event Productions (Cindy Thompson) 503-295-6500

Seattle area and International booking:

Global Artist Management (Judith Cheuvront) 206-522-9292

Pony Boy Records (Greg Williamson) 206-522-2210


All email inquiries will be answered by a real live human being at bookings@petepetersen.com

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